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DragonKnight Tank

The DragonKnight tank is probably the most popular tank in ESO.  They have great sustain and ability to mitigate damage.  Their resource sustain and regen abilities via ultimate usage and passives make them a great overall tank to use.

DK tank 2023.jpg
Reviving Barrior.png
Resolving Vigor.JPG
Hardened Armor.JPG
Igneous Weapons.JPG
elemental blockade.JPG
inner flame.JPG
pierce armor.JPG
Unrelenting grip.JPG
Ignous Shield.JPG
Green Dragon blood.JPG
absorb missle.JPG
Aggressive Horn.JPG
Templar tank attributes.JPG

I run 20 in Mag as my DK tends to burn a bit more mag.  If you feel you are burning more stam, you can go 20 into stam instead.

I built my tank's attribute/gear setups to where majority of the player base can obtain the items.  This is the reason I do not go full health.  You can swap out the health enchantments on armor for the multi-effect enchants, but that requires going into PVP zones which not everyone is comfortable with.  If you do use them, you can swap out health enchants for those and put more attributes into health.

Attributes & Passives

Mundus stone

The Lady or The Lord


Ardent Flame: All

Draconic Power: All

Earthen Heart: All

Heavy Armor: All

Sword and Shield: All

Descruction Staff: All

Fighter's Guild: intimidating | Banish |

Undaunted: Command | Mettle


Beginner/Level Tank

Beginner Gear

Dungeon/WIP Trial

Trial Tank

Bewitched Sugar Skills

CP graphic.JPG


Unassailable - 50

Ironclad - 50

Enduring Resolve - 50

Duelist's Rebuff - 50


Boundless Vitality - 50

Fortified - 50

Bloody Renewal- 50

Expert Evasion - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points

Alternative sets to have on hand as raid leaders may require these sets based on their needs and requests

Saxhleel's Champion

Powerful Assault

Spaulder of Ruin

Dungeon Gear
Trial Main & Offtank Gear
Champion Points & Food
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