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Welcome to the burrow! My name is Yicky, and I stream Elder Scrolls Online as an official Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team member.  My primary enjoyment in ESO is tanking and I run every class as a tank in the game.  If you are looking for tank expertise, builds, and guides, you have come to a great place!  I do work in DPS and healing as well and have many-non tank builds for you to check out if you are looking for that area.  Please feel free to enjoy and if you have questions and feel free to visit any of our social media channels and come stop by while we are streaming!

You will always find me with my lovely wife Belrialan or "Bel" for most.  You can hear her on our streams as the lovely disembodied female voice (and sometimes she pops up on cam for our charity streams)

Make sure you check out our beginner guides and shorts as well as our builds.

All builds are ones that have worked for me and have been heavily tested in game content.  I do not claim to state my builds are better than anyone else's or should be used instead of others.  This is just a guide to give ideas on builds that have worked for me with the content that I have completed including landscape, dungeons (both normal and vet + DLC), and trials.  Everyone can run builds their own way which is one of the great things about ESO. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Builds are updated for U41!  

Tank 101 Guide!!

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