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Necromancer Builds

​Thank you for checking out our Necromancer builds for Elder Scrolls Online!  Here you will find tank, healer, PVP, and multiple DPS builds that will work for majority areas of ESO including endgame.  Hope you enjoy!

Protective Litch
Necromancer Tank

protective litch PVE build.jpg
Cursed Ranger copy.jpg

Cursed Ranger
Necromancer Bow/Bow DPS

The conjuror.jpg

The Conjuror
Necromancer Healer

Grave Digger.jpg

 Grave Digger
Magicka Necromancer DPS

Echo of Death Necromancer.jpg

 Echo of Death
Stamina Necromancer DPS
Dual Wield/two handed

Ball Breaker.jpg

 PVP Build:
Ball Breaker
Magicka Necromancer 1 bar Bomber

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