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Good to meet you!  My name is Ryan, or Yicky as you will find in games!  I started playing video games since I was very young, starting with an IBM 5150 personal computer.  Growing up I got into first person shooters including N64 Golden Eye and moving up into Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Unreal Tournament.  I was a professional FPS player for Fatality Clan before retiring from FPS compeditive shooters.  From then I moved into RTS games and MMORPGs where my main game was Lord of the Rings Online for 14 years. I also seconded Star Wars: The Old Republic and now maining Elder Scrolls Online. 

I began streaming on Youtube in 2017 for a short time, streaming Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay gameplay.  I only streamed a few times before making a video series of the server.  In 2019 I started my streaming career on twitch and have been streaming there ever since. 


You will notice over time that I tend to address my stream as "we".  I say we because my stream is not about me and what I do, but it is about what we do.  My community, my co-creators, and the group of people that help me in the background are my channel.  The only thing that I do is hit start and play a game.  All of us together are what makes the experience, the content, and the channel what it is.  You are part of the "we", and I am so happy that you chose to be a part of it.

I have an amazing wife who games and streams with me as well as an awesome group of guild members who are my gaming family! I do a lot of charity work through my streaming and gaming and love meeting new people.  We promote a non-toxic positive atmosphere where everyone is welcome to chill out.  So pull up a chair, check out the site, and come hang out on the live streams! I look forward to meeting you on a twitch live stream or social media!


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