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Warden Builds


​Thank you for checking out our Dragonknight builds for Elder Scrolls Online!  Here you will find tank and multiple DPS builds that will work for majority areas of ESO including endgame.  Hope you enjoy!

Venom Keeper
Stamina Warden DPS

Venom Keeper Warden.jpg
oasis warden healer copy.jpg

Warden Healer

Frost Blood Warden.jpg

Frost Blood
Vampire Magicka Warden
(Dual Weild/Staff)

Ice Wall.jpg

Ice Wall
Warden Tank

Stamina Warden DPS
(Dual Wield/2H)

Venator Warden.jpg

Biting Divination
Magicka Warden DPS

Quick Shot.jpg

Quick Shot
Stamina ONE BAR Warden DPS

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