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Arcanist Builds

​Thank you for checking out our Arcanist builds for Elder Scrolls Online!  Here you will find tank and multiple DPS builds that will work for majority areas of ESO including endgame.  Hope you enjoy!

Fortified Runestone

Apophycal Mage.jpg

Apophrycal Mage
Magicka Arcanist
(dual Staves)

Spectral Scholar
Stamina Arcanist
(dual wield/dual wield)

Mystic Barrage
Stamina PVP Arcanist

Arcane Warrior
Stamina Arcanist

Fated Warrior
Stamina Arcanist
(Dual Wield/2h)

Inspired Gladiator
amina Arcanist
DW 1 bar

Rune Arrow
Bow Arcanist

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