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ESO Builds

Welcome to my Builds page.  For those that know me, I like to make sure that the beginner areas are met as well as the more advanced so I have multiple builds of the roles/classes I play. 

These builds are PVE based and I would not necessarily recommend the exact builds for PVP...But feel free to try your luck!

All builds are ones that have worked for me and have been heavily tested in game content.  I do not claim to state my builds are better than anyone else's or should be used instead of others.  This is just a guide to give ideas on builds that have worked for me with the content that I have completed including landscape, dungeons(both normal and vet + DLC), and trials.  Everyone can run builds their own way which is one of the great things about ESO.  With that in mind, here are some of my builds of classes I play.  As I play more, I will add more and update as needed. 

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