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Templar Healer

Templar Healer 2022.JPG

The Templar is a very diverse and enjoyable class on all play types.  As far as a healing class they have a good mixture of class skills with the restoration staff skills, stamina plus magicka synergy skill, and ability to do decent damage with their spam skill while healing.

Radiating Regen.JPG
Ritual of Rebirth.JPG
Extended Ritual.JPG
Energy Orb.JPG
Combat Prayer.JPG
Practiced Incantation.JPG
Illustrious healing.JPG
Luminous Shards.JPG
Puncturing sweep.JPG
Channeled Focus.JPG
Overflowing Alter.JPG
Reviving Barrior.png

Mundus stone

The Ritual or The Shadow


Aedric Spear


Dawn's Wrath

Enduring Rays

Restoring Light


Light Armor: All

Restoration Staff: All

Destruction Staff: All


Command | Mettle

64 mag.JPG
Attributes and Passives

Beginner Gear

Dungeon/Trial Healer

Clockwork Citrus Filet

CP graphic.JPG

Champion Points


Use whatever you like in this tree


Soothing Tide - 50

Swift Renewal - 50

Focused Mending - 50

Enlivening Overflow - 50


Rejuvination - 50

Fortified- 50

Slippery - 50

Boundless Vitality - 50

Beginner Gear
Dungeon & Trial Gear
Champion Points and Food

Alternative sets to have on hand as raid leaders may require these sets based on their needs and requests

(note: additional sets may be asked for outside of these.  These are the most popular)

Symphony of Blades

Powerful Assault

Jorvuld's Guidance

Roaring Opportunist

Pillager's Profit

Spaulder of Ruin

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