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Necromancer Tank
Protective Litch

The Necromancer tank can be a very popular and very powerful in groups.  Necromancers can have a very high ultimate regen, self synergies for DPS usage, strong self heals, and powerful debuffs. 

A Necromancer tank, when used well, can be extremely strong and survivable with emergency skills for your group if needed.  Enjoy!

Beginner/Level Tank

for attributes I go for a balanced Health/Magicka build.  The Necromancer can be very magic heavy on the skills so building this out still gives you above average health pools w/ food buff and a decent magicka pool.  Adding spirit mender to your skill rotation will also increase your magicka regen.  You can use a bit more stamina in this build, however it is much quicker to use heavy attacks with your front bar sword & Shield than swapping to your back bar to try to regain magicka.

I built my tank's attribute/gear setups to where majority of the player base can obtain the items.  This is the reason I do not go full health.  You can swap out the health enchantments on armor for the multi-effect enchants, but that requires going into PVP zones which not everyone is comfortable with.  If you do use them, you can swap out health enchants for those and put more attributes into health.

Necro Tank attributes.JPG

Mundus stone

The Lady or The Lord


Bone Tyrant

Death Gleaning | Disdain Harm | Health Avarice | Last Grasp

Grave Lord

Reusable Parts

Living Death

Curative Curse | Near-Death Experience | Corpse Consumption | Undead Confederate

Heavy Armor


Sword and Shield


Destruction staff


Fighter's Guild

intimidating | Banish


Command | Mettle


Dungeon/WIP Trial

Trial Tank

Bewitched Sugar Skulls

CP graphic.JPG


Unassailable - 50

Ironclad - 50

Enduring Resolve - 50

Duelist's Rebuff - 50


Boundless Vitality - 50

Fortified - 50

Bloody Renewal- 50

Expert Evasion - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points


pierce armor.JPG
Hunggry Scythe.JPG
Unnerving Boneyard.JPG
Necrotic Potency.JPG
elemental blockade.JPG
Spirit Guardian.JPG
Empowering Grasp.JPG
pierce armor.JPG
Empowering Grasp.JPG
silver leash.JPG
Empowering Grasp.JPG
Aggressive Horn.JPG
Empowering Grasp.JPG
Renewing Animation.JPG
Beckining Armor.JPG

Alternative sets to have on hand as raid leaders may require these sets based on their needs and requests

Saxhleel's Champion

Powerful Assault

Spaulder of Ruin

Attributes & Passives
Beginner Gear
Dungeon Gear
Trial Main & Offtank Gear
Anchor 1
Champion Points & Food
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