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Welcome to the Arcanist Runeward tank!!  This tank had a couple of different versions to work from.  The idea behind this tank is survivability for not only themselves but the group around them, providing buffs and debuffs for the group, heavy damage shields for themselves as well as their group, and providing a lot of utility

Fortified RuneWard
Arcanist Tank


Standard Build

Click skill names/line for more information on each

There are a multitude of combinations for each skill.  These are baseline and can be swapped to what fits your need.  These work great for me in majority of content

Scribe Skills Loadout

Click left and right arrows to change build


Beginner/Level Tank

Mundus Stone

The Lady


Curative Runeforms: All

Soldier of Apophryca: All

Herald of the Tome:

Fated Fortune | Psychic Lesion

Heavy Armor: All

Sword and Shield: All

Destruction Staff: All

Fighter's Guild: intimidating | Banish |

Undaunted: Command | Mettle


Dungeon/WIP Trial

Trial Tanks

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skills

Arcanist tank attributes.jpg
CP graphic.JPG


Unassailable - 50

Ironclad - 50

Enduring Resolve - 50

Duelist's Rebuff - 50


Boundless Vitality - 50

Fortified - 50

Bloody Renewal- 50

Expert Evasion - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points

I run a little bit more into magicka stamina with the Arcanist as it pulls a bit more from both and health is relatively easy to manage.  I really do not have many sustain issues when managed properly.  You can work more into stamina or magicka depending on your needs

I built my tank's attribute/gear setups to where majority of the player base can obtain the items.  This is the reason I do not go full health.  You can swap out the health enchantments on armor for the multi-effect enchants, but that requires going into PVP zones which not everyone is comfortable with.  If you do use them, you can swap out health enchants for those and put more attributes into health.

Alternative sets to have on hand as raid leaders may require these sets based on their needs and requests

Claw Of Yolnakriin

Powerful Assault

Spaulder of Ruin

Quick note that Arcanists have a native skill that gives Minor Courage which essentially replaces Claw of Yolnakriin.  Keep in mind that it is not as efficient as Yoln so make sure you have it with you or as needed.  Healer will typically run the skill, but tanks can run it as well

Champion Points & Food
Beginner Gear
Dungeon Gear
Trial Main & Offtank Gear
Attributes & Passives
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