it is understandable that you will not have all of these skills & passives opened as you level...these are the goals to be able to base Tank.  With the Werewolf, you do need to run tormentor as that turns your pounce into a taunt ability.  Your human form skills will remain the same however you will not be using primary tank sets so you will be a bit weaker.

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Werewolf Tank

Werewolf tank is a situational tank but extremely fun.  You can do some trial content and trials as a WW tank, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a primary tank.  With that said, have fun with it!  It is a blast, and very beefy.

Beginner/Level Tank

Additional Sets

Coward's Gear

Coward's gear.JPG



Brutal Pounce: Ranged pounce and primary taunt.  Tormentor turns this into a taunt skill so make sure you use it every time you need to re-taunt.

Hircine's Fortitude: main heal and increase in your health and stamina recovery.  If you use this at full health, you gain back stamina instead.  You also gain Major Brutality while slotted

Deafening Roar: 6 enemy fear and off-balance, also applies major breach and major maim.  You gain Major Savagery while slotted

Howl of Agony: Damage howl and enemies facing you or feared take an extra 25% damage

Claws of Life: Deals disease damage plus disease DoT, also heals you for 100% of the damage caused.

Ult Pack Leader: Your main transformation.  Yout want this on your bar while in human form.  You will not have an ultimate in WW form.  This transformation gives you increased stamina and -10% damage, you summon 2 dire wolves and give yourself and allies Minor Courage.  Your stamina recovery is increased by 15%

Mundus stone: The Lord


Werewolf: All

Class:  Dependent upon class

Heavy Armor: All

For other passives, refer directly to class guides


Food: Bewitched Sugar Skills 

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Brutal Pounce.JPG
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Hircine's Fortitude.JPG
Hircine's Fortitude.JPG
Deafening Roar.JPG
Hircine's Fortitude.JPG
Howl of Agony.JPG
Hircine's Fortitude.JPG
Claws of Life.JPG
Hircine's Fortitude.JPG
Pack Leader.JPG
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Unassailable - 50

Bulwark - 50

Enduring Resolve - 50

Duelist's Rebuff - 50


Boundless Vitality - 50

Fortified - 50

Bloody Renewal- 50

Expert Evasion - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points

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