it is understandable that you will not have all of these skills & passives opened as you level...these are the goals to be able to base DPS.  Some skills can be swapped out for damage skills if you are soloing.  Open your passives as you can.  Get your guilds and undaunted lines opened as soon as you can to get your Orb and other guild skills for later on.

Some people will call this build toxic, but ultimately this build is used to attempt to mitigate, eliminate, or break up ball groups in Cyrodiil.  Yes it can be used in other scenarios, but it is effective in breaking up groups with proper coordination and management

ESO gear panel copy.jpg
ESO gear panel copy.jpg

PVP Magicka Necromancer
Ball Breaker



Mundus stone: The Lover


Bone Tyrant: All

Grave Lord: All

Living Death: All

Light Armor: All


Destruction Staff: All

Mage's Guild: Mage Adept| Everlasting Magic | Magicka Controller | Might of the Guild

Undaunted: Command | Mettle

Racial All

Potions: Tri-Stat Potions

Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls 

64 mag.JPG
CP graphic.JPG


Occult Overload OR Wrathful Strikes- 50

Biting Aura - 50

Thamaturge - 50

Master-at-Arms - 50


Fortified - 50

Boundless Vitality - 50

Celerity - 50

Pain's Refuge - 50


Steed's Blessing - 50

Out of Sight - 50

Liquid Efficiency - 50

Gifted Rider - 50

Champion Points

Necro 1 bar bomber.JPG
Force Pulse.JPG
Stalking blastbones.JPG
Avid Boneyard.JPG
Deaded Pain.JPG
Spirit Guardian.JPG
p collosus.JPG

There are multiple ways to manage rotations depending on the scenario in which you are fighting.  Ball groups or large groups of enemies your typical rotation is:

Tab target middle of the group, Blastbones > Colossus > Boneyard > synergy.

This means you need to be near the group so have as much protection as you can.  have your guardian up and any shields available as you will have to run into the ball to fire off the synergy.

During mobile fights use your force pulse, blastbones and boneyard as you can.  Keep in mind that your boneyard activates your Dark Convergence so you will be using that synergy.  This can be used for mini bombs or just to make sure they are in your graveyard for the synergy (1).gif
Dark Convergence.JPG
Dark Convergence.JPG
Dark Convergence.JPG
Dark Convergence.JPG
Vicious Death.JPG
Vicious Death.JPG
Vicious Death.JPG
Vicious Death.JPG
Vicious Death.JPG
Oakensoul Ring.JPG