dual weild build.jpg
dual weild build.jpg

Flying Blade: ranged dagger throw which then alters to a gap closer and increases weapon damage

Relentless Focus: crit damage increase with every light or heavy attack.  converts to stamina arrow attack for high damage

Deadly Cloak: damage reduction cloak and shrapnel damage attack

[SPAM] Bloodthirst: quickfire five attack and hits for high damage on final strike, plus heals for % on damage caused

Ult: Incapacitating Strike: Strong ultimate attack, enemy debuff after strike, and stun if used on max

Endless Hail: AOE arrow strike ground attack.

Siphoning Strikes: Weapon buff that causes your light & Heavy attacks to heal + magicka Restore on expiration

Barbed Trap: High damage DoT that you can deploy under a mob

Dark Shade: Summons a shade for 18 seconds doing direct damage and damage reduction to enemy it is attacking

Resolving Vigor: Heal + heal over time

Flawless Dawnbreaker: Heavy attack plus DoT plus weapon damage boost

it is understandable that you will not have all of these skills & passives opened as you level...these are the goals to be able to base DPS.  Some skills can be swapped out for other skills if you are soloing.  Open your passives as you can.  Get your Guild lines open so you can open those skills up for later

There are a few different ways to go on dungeon/trial sets.  Common ones are Arms of Relequen paired with Kinras's Wrath, or Relequen/Briarheart, I feel the new trial set actually pushes out a bit more DPS as well as buffs the group a bit better.

Monster sets I would go with either Domihaus or Selene.

Relequen is almost a must have main set as it has a stackable DoT effect your light and heavy attacks.

Kinras's wrath is a great secondary set which increases your damage when you light/heavy attack 5x.

I prefer Berserking Warrior(Yokeda) personally for Bosses or fights where there aren't a lot of add deaths.  But for trash fights, or busy fights that have adds fairly consistently I prefer Sul-Xan for the crit bonus

There are a few different builds you can do for beginner sets.  This set worked very well for leveling through dungeons until getting up to CP160 and getting higher end gear.

Recommend going light armor w/ Medium or heavy helm


Stamina Nightblade
Covert Nightblade


Additional Sets

Deadlands Assassin

The Nightblade is a very strong and powerful DPS class.  Nightblades can use stealth and quick damage attacks, or siphon the life of of an enemy and restore their own health and resources.  With multiple burst abilities, DoTs, and an strong execute skill, they can be very strong in both magicka based and stamina based aspects of play.

Mundus stone: The Warrior


Assasination: Master Assassin | Executioner | Pressure Points | Hemorrhage

Shadow: Refreshing Shadows | Shadow Barrier | Dark Vigor | Dark Veil

Siphoning: Catalyst | Magicka Flood | Soul Siphoner | Transfer

Light Armor:
Medium Armor: All

Heavy Armor: Situational.  For Magblade I don't find it useful outside of PVP


Dual-Wield: All

Bow: Long Shots | Accuracy | Ranger |  Hawk Eye

Undaunted: Command | Mettle

Racial All


Alternate Sets



Kinras Wrath


Potions: Essence of Weapon Damage

essence of weapon power.JPG

Food:  Lavafoot Soup and Saltrice  

64 stam.JPG
CP graphic.JPG


Master-At-Arms - 50

Deadly Aim - 50

Fighting Finesse - 50

Thaumaturge - 50


Rejuvination - 50

Bloody Renewal - 50

Boundless Vitality - 50

Spirit Mastery - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points

Stamblade experienced skills.jpg
Flying Blade.JPG
Relentless Focus.JPG
Deadly Cloak - Copy.JPG
NB killers blade.JPG
Incap strike.JPG
Endless Hail.JPG
Siphoning Attacks.JPG
Barbed Trap.JPG
Dark Shade.JPG
Resolving Vigor.JPG
Resolving Vigor.JPG
Flawless Dawnbreaker - Copy.JPG
ESO Medium.JPG
Hunding's Rage.JPG
Dragon's appetite.JPG
Dragon's appetite.JPG
Hunding's Rage.JPG
Hunding's Rage.JPG
Hunding's Rage.JPG
Hunding's Rage.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Ancient Dragonguard.JPG
Deadland's Assassin.JPG
ESO gear panel copy.jpg
Harpooner's wading kilt.JPG
Arms of Relequen.JPG
Arms of Relequen.JPG
Arms of Relequen.JPG
Arms of Relequen.JPG
Arms of Relequen.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Berserking Warrior.JPG
Kinras's Wrath.JPG