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Typical rotation for this build is as follows

Camo Hunter to bring your stam to 30% & Radiant Ward to drop your mag a bit.

Puncturing Sweep > Light Attack > Purifying Light > Light Attack > Barbed Trap > Light Attack > Puncturing Sweep > Light Attack > Repeat

(Light attacks should be done as weaving).  

Goal is to keep mag around 20% and Stam around 30% for full buffs from armor.  Oakensoul is used for buffs so pots should be used to regain mag.

it is understandable that you will not have all of these skills & passives opened as you level...these are the goals to be able to base DPS.  Some skills can be swapped out for damage skills if you are soloing.  Open your passives as you can.  Get your guilds and undaunted lines opened as soon as you can to get your Orb and other guild skills for later on.

The Templar is a very strong and powerful DPS class.  One of the major differences of a Templar, whether stamina based or magicka based is that they are strong in melee range.  This is something to keep in mind of your playstyle but know it will do very high amounts of damage.

Ideal Race should be Breton or High Elf

This is a special 1 bar build created by Nine_Tale_Fox


Magicka Templar
1 bar DPS
"Divine Twins"


Mundus stone: The Thief


Aedric Spear: All

Dawn's Wrath: All

Restoring Light: Sacred Ground | Master Ritualist

Light Armor: All
Medium Armor: All. 

Heavy Armor: Situational. 


Dual Wield: All

Mages Guild: All

Fighter's Guild: All

Undaunted: Command | Mettle

Racial All


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bahsei's Mania.JPG

Potions: Essence of Spell Critical

Food: Ghastly Eye Bowl 

64 mag.JPG
CP graphic.JPG


Fighting Finesse - 50

Deadly Aim - 50

Biting Aura - 50

Master-at-Arms - 50


Fortified- 50

Siphoning Spells - 50

Boundless Vitality - 50

Spirit Mastery - 50


Use whatever you like in this tree

Champion Points

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Radiant Ward.JPG
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bahsei's Mania.JPG
bahsei's Mania.JPG
bahsei's Mania.JPG
bahsei's Mania.JPG
Coral Riptide.JPG
Coral Riptide.JPG
Coral Riptide.JPG
Coral Riptide.JPG
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